Data Backups and Recovery

Cyber-attacks, corrupt files, power shortages or accidental deletions are just some of the problems that could occur at any time on your IT system, affecting your vital data.

Business operations are increasingly reliant on technology and the level of information generated through new technologies is rising through emails, applications, mobile phones; so, a good continuity plan is crucial to ensure minimal downtime and to prevent the loss of revenue.

By understanding what data and applications are most critical, which will cause the most monetary loss if disaster strikes; EdgeTech IT will provide a data disaster recovery service that is right for your needs.

We will Back up important data or scheduled backups on daily, weekly, monthly bases to offsite accredited backup server farms.

  • Online and offline backups

  • Flexible recovery and data storage

  • Setting up back up devices (network attached storage, external hard disks, online backups)

  • Recovering any data which has been accidently deleted