VoIP Installation Services

What is VoIP?
VoIP, short for Voice over Internet Protocol, is an Internet based replacement for your telephone lines. It allows you to make telephone calls over the Internet.

Why use VoIP?
VoIP technology and services are now coming of age. Previously the systems were unreliable but with new technologies and improved Internet speeds, VoIP is a solution businesses can now consider. The main reason most businesses switch to VoIP is to save money. The second is the flexibility of a VoIP system and its number of features and applications. Some of these are listed in the following sections.

What can VoIP do for my Business?
Following are some key points and applications on how your business can use VoIP.

VoIP – Lower Costs
Lower Communication Costs:
VoIP systems can save some businesses money through different call plans and via the flexibility of the system. For example, calls to another VoIP system are free of charge and if you have separate offices, calls between office will also be free.

VoIP – Better Productivity

Staff Productivity:
Each member of your staff can take calls in the office, at remote locations, on their laptop or anywhere as long as they have access to a broadband connection. This flexibility means you can contact your staff whenever and they can also be contacted by your customers.
VoIP – Virtual Telephone Numbers

Virtual Telephone Numbers:
With a VoIP system your telephone code can be for any region. So if you require a Manchester telephone code and operate in West Yorkshire, you can still have one.

VoIP – Better Functionality

System Functionality:
There are lots of great system features with VoIP, like voice mail to emails, ring groups and call forwarding.

Our VoIP Installation Service
We have installed numerous VoIP systems and have the experience and professionalism to ensure your company gets the maximum benefits. VoIP is not for every company and we are honest enough to tell you whether your company will benefit or even be capable of maintaining and running a VoIP system.